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Excited to introduce you to Umar Saleem and his amazing images of this beautiful land

All of us at Artisans of Scotland are really excited to introduce you to Umar and his amazing collection of images from across Scotland.

Umar has an incredible talent for capturing this amazing country and has some of the finest Scottish photography we’ve ever seen.  Having lived in Scotland for 10 years, it’s dramatic mountainscapes, mysterious valleys and rugged coasts have won him over and he continues to head for the hills day and night in search of amazing scenes to shoot.

We’ve collated some of his finest photographs into a stunning collection of Scottish images that we’re sure you’ll enjoy and either leave you planning a visit or transporting you right back to the moment you stood there yourself.

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Umar Waves

Capturing it as he sees it


Umar’s style is to capture the scene as he sees it, a record of the moment and place in time.  Very minor and sensitive post-production gives an image that is true to the view he has seen and the colours you’d see if you were standing there yourself.

If you live in or have visited Scotland you will know that her colours are rich and vivid and the changing seasons bring new hues and tints to this land and new ways for the light to dance over it.  Umar’s images manage to take these moments and allow them to live on.

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Umar Cup
Umar Hill Top

Lover of this land

Whether it’s camping out in the Scottish Highlands waiting for the perfect light or stalking Edinburgh’s streets looking for beautiful everyday interactions , Umar loves capturing Scotland.

Having travelled across the world, it’s Scotland that captures Umar’s imagination and where he says he finds the most beauty, and where takes his best images.  It’s been a real pleasure to see Umar’s love of Scotland come out through his images and we’re excited to be able to celebrate his work.

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